Livia De Simone was born in Rome in 1977. After graduating from the 'III Liceo Artistico' (Arts High School), she studied Architecture at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. She started working in the architecture field, specialising later in the graphics field. She had always cultivated her passion for drawing though, and in 2010 she started working as a freelance illustrator. Her illustrations primarily delve into fantasy themes and the choice of this genre is borne of her great love for books and reading. She favours digital drawing, but she equally masters traditional techniques such as pencils, acrylics, cloth and ceramic painting. She has created several covers and illustrations for novels and short novels (Le Figlie di Ananke, Nuova Terra, Nuova Vita, Tiger Fighters by Dilhani Heemba, Il Segreto dell’Ordine by Monique Scisci, Saga Pactum Vampiri by Barbara Riboni etc.). In 2014, after winning a contest held by Dunwich Edizioni, she has started a collaboration with their publishing house while continuing to illustrate for several other authors.In 2015 realizes some illustrations for the writer Francesca Pace , and she began working with the cultural association Dark Zone , created to promote emerging writers , created by the same Francesca Pace, for the realization of various cover illustrated and graphics. In 2015 she has started a collaboration with the Astro Editions


Cover for short novel “Le Figlie di Ananke” - Author: Dilhani Heemba - self publish
Cover for novels “Nuova Terra and Nuova Vita” - Author: Dilhani Heemba - self publish
Interior illustration to the novel “Il segreto dell’ordine” - Author: Monique Sciscì – Editor: Edizioni Ciesse
Cover for short novel “Zelda. Ad Novam Vitam”. Spin-off of Pactum Vampiri’s Saga - Author: Barbara Riboni
Cover for collection of short novels “L’Ultimo Canto delle Sirene” – Various Authors – Editor: Dunwich Edizioni
Cover for collection of short novels “Moon Witch” – Various Authors – Editor: Dunwich Edizioni
Cover for novel “Exceptor. Legno e Sangue” - Authors: Marina Lo castro e Fabrizio Cadili – Editor: Dunwich Edizioni
Internal illustration for collection short novels “Le Leggende di Ferhaven” – Various Authors - self publish
Illustration for the writer Francesca Pace: characters portraits of the Hybrid’s Legacy Saga.
Illustration for the writer Chiara Panzuti: characters portraits of the novel “La Lettrice. Lo Spirito dei Ghiacci”
Cover for the novel “Tiger Fighters” – Authors: Dilhani Heemba – self publish.
Cover for the novel “Dream Hunters. Il Ponte Illusorio” - Author: Myriam Benothman – Editor: Astro Edizioni (published in September 2016)
Cover for the novel “Il Male degli Avi” - Author: Giorgia Staiano – Editor: Astro Edizioni ( published in October 2016)
Cover for the novel“Akiko. La Spada delle Anime” - Author: Michela Cavallieri – Editor: Astro Edizioni ( published in 2017)